There is no more important time than now to be fit, well and healthy.

The Coronavirus outbreak hit us hard in March 2020 and it looks like we are going to have to live with its impact for some time.

We now know that obesity is the biggest driver impacting people after age, so we all need to be doing more right now to deal with it. Prevention is much better than cure. 

Losing weight and improving your fitness will also improve your mental health and wellbeing and tackle or prevent illnesses and conditions such as diabetes, joint and back pain, heartburn and more.

There are lots of ways of getting fit, losing weight and starting to lead a healthier lifestyle.

All it takes is that one first step and the right person or business to help you.

Whether you are looking for a personal trainer; or to start yoga; or pilates; or reiki; please take a look at the experts we have on our page here and click on one of their logos to find out more about what they can offer you.

Take that first step today – it could make the world of difference to your life.

Phone: 07756203294
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Level 3 personal trainer with a Private gym, 1-1 and group sessions. Follow my journey to get fit, & help others do the same with some #workoutmotivation ?

Phone: 07774470334
Website: Click here
Facebook: Click here

Southport based experienced yoga teacher Sharon Stock, offering online training plus reiki and meditation plus lots more.

Phone: 0151 922 9753
Instagram: Click here

Our Anti-Microbial fabric mask is effective against coronavirus. The mask is washable. Made in the U.K  ??

Phone: 07958 983535
Website: Click here
Facebook: Click here

Pilates Works is a Classical Pilates studio owned by Sophie Hatton, specialising in wall tower classes – they also reformer, mat and barre classes. The studio is equipped with top of the range Gratz equipment, hand made in Philadelphia, their wall tower setup is rarely seen outside of London.

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